Generation-MSX on x64 Machine

Posted by Injoyss on x64 Machine
July 11, 2017 09:17AM
Hi, EveryBody! I am very sorry, but I couldn't run the program on my amd64 machine with 64bit Windows 10 Pro on it. Windows told me something like: Cannot run this application on your PC. It's cause I tried to run it on an x64 machine, I guess! Is there any solution for this issue, please??! If so, please help me. Maybe I should have an x64 Windows 10 version of a program. If there exists such one please let me know about it! Thanks in advance!
Best Regards! Ingus Skavenecs.
Re: on x64 Machine
July 11, 2017 10:16AM
What does this dsx program ?
Re: on x64 Machine
July 11, 2017 10:57PM
It copies msx files to a .dsk floppy image. I just cannot run it anymore! It should work on MS-DOS shell or command prompt. But it does not!!!

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Re: on x64 Machine
July 19, 2017 09:10PM
You may have more luck asking these kind of questions on
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