MSX Games for trade

Posted by onetunafish 
MSX Games for trade
December 17, 2009 12:07AM
Hey All,

I have some MSX Games duplicates that I want to trade for something else, either konami games that I don't have for any other systems (really any system) or non konami ps3 games are welcome (all Originals please). But I'll hear your offer none the less.

This is my ebay profile as a buyer (I don't usually sell anything) [] (100% positive)

I have around 12 konami doubles plus 50-60 from other game makers. I'll list the konami's first and the rest later on. So here we go!

All games are cartridge (all jap versions) only unless specified otherwise:

- Antartic Adventure
- Game Master 2
- Hyper Olimpic 1
- King Kong 2
- Nemesis 2
- King's Valley
- Pennant Race
- Salamander
- Sky Jaguar
- The Goonies
- The Maze of Galious
- Yie Ar Kung Fu

More later!

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