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Posted by The Kid 
search option
April 01, 2013 12:32AM
Hi generation msx,

I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing trouble, but the search button doesn't work on my pc (win 7 64 bits explorer 10).
When I try to search metal gear, ranma, rambo or whatever, it will show the game in the list but when I click the program if tells me nothing found and doesn't show the game ??
When I click metal gear in the popular list down below it show metal gear, so I know it's there :)
Is this a known problem due to the new interface ?

Re: search option
April 01, 2013 12:56AM

Thanks for reporting it, it's a know bug in the search engine, but tomorrow I will update the site with some fixes for it.

And thanks already for the Delta Soft software entries you are adding on the forum. I will add them as soon as possible.

Re: search option
April 01, 2013 01:14AM
Hi Sandy,

That's great.

I hope you'll fix the bug tomorrow. I own about 100 Original msx games, so when I'm done adding the Delta Soft programs I wanted to check if the generation-msx database misses information on any of the games I own :)
Re: search option
April 01, 2013 09:26AM
The advanced search function also lost a lot of functionality... I.e.: I can't search for SCC games, or MegaROM games anymore. :(
Re: search option
April 03, 2013 03:12PM
@The Kid: The search engine has been tweaked for that last two days, can you try again ? (I don't have windows 7 with IE 10 :)).

@FRS: For now, go to [] and use the slicing on the left for now. For the advanced search users i'm planning something new, a sort of own query builder :)
Re: search option
April 04, 2013 09:19AM
Yes, It works better now. Thins like f1 spirit, rambo, metal gear are working again :)
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