RAM cartridges

Posted by gnosis.antiquarius 
RAM cartridges
March 15, 2007 02:59AM
I am a new MSX owner (the yamaha CX5M) and a total amateur. I was curious as to whether there are RAM catridges that I can plug into the rear slot of my computer that will enable me to do things like install dos, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So far all Ive been able to acquire is a 4k cart, and I'm not sure what I can use it for if anything. Anyone else using the CX5M, please contact me. There don't seem to be many of us out there...
Re: RAM cartridges
March 15, 2007 09:26PM
There are some rare 64k RAM cartridges that could be helpful. Easier is to buy a cheap MSX2 :)

Grtjs, Manuel

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