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Posted by HansO 
Website update
October 26, 2001 10:43PM

I spent some of my holiday time to bring you yet another HansO web update:

- SVI 2000C Robotarm userguide
- Z80 instruction set (Leventhal book) first part with register and flag
description, addressing modes, overview, list of instructions
- Z80 instruction set (Leventhal book) second part with detailed description
of instructions
- Z80/8080 compatibility (Leventhal book) third part with instruction tables
for conversion etc
- Do it yourself 32K S-RAM cartridge (contributed by Dan Derpaux, translated
from the Syntax magazine)
- Internal SVI 738 32K S-RAM (contributed by Dan Derpaux, translated from
the Syntax magazine)
- ZX81 emulator by Luis Claudio Grosso, for SVI 738 and Sony MSX2
- More sources: byPierre Gielen Many sources of handy utilities

Welcome to
Re: Website update
December 08, 2001 09:57PM
And another update:

- Sony manuals
- sources
- lots of other updates
Re: Website update
March 23, 2002 05:13PM
And now a silent period in the update process and in my MSX activities in public...

I have not enough time to do some serious updating of the site the next months.

The site will remain up, hundreds of Mb's of technical MSX info!
And most manuals are uploaded already to funet.

Maybe in the fall on 2002 I will continue work on the site.

Have fun!

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