"The Munsters" was released by Gremlin?

Posted by Lazzeri 
"The Munsters" was released by Gremlin?
November 02, 2017 02:26PM

I have reasons to believe that The Munsters was never released by Gremlin Graphics, as stated here.

I´ve started a thread on but I guess this is the correct place for it. :-)

Here´s the thread: []

Main arguments follow below. Please let me know what you think.


Generation-MSX lists "The Munsters" as an original Gremlin game. But there´s no picture of it anywere - all I can find is the Alternative Software release.


Also, checking World of Spectrum it seems that the game indeed wasn´t originaly released by Gremlin but by "Again again software".


The spanish MSX version, by System 4, even have the "Again again" logo in it.

So... I´m starting to believe that there is a mistake and the game was never released by Gremlin Graphics. It seems that the game was indeed released by Again Again on Spectrum, then licensed by System 4 in Spain and re-released for both MSX and Spectrum by Alternative Software.

There´s more... The small print on the bottom of this ad says that "Tiger Development", "Again Again" and "Alternative Software" are the same thing... Interesting.


And last but not least... The loading screen (briefly seen here) shows "Again again", and not Gremlin.


So... Can the scratch the "Gremlin Graphics release" of The Munsters? :)
Re: "The Munsters" was released by Gremlin?
November 02, 2017 02:27PM
A brief discussion with Manuel:

Hi Manuel!

Found a lot of interesting info browsing WoS...

Manuel wrote:
(...) ROUGHLY translates as "You should somewhat compare this game with "Jack the Nipper" regarding how it is setup; both games were developed by the same programmers team, by the way."

Apparently that´s not true either!

Jack the Nipper was made by Greg A. Holmes, Nick Laa, Peter M. Harrap, John Holmes (link: [])

Musters was made by Bill Caunt, Peter Hickinson, Mark Edwards (link: [])

Manuel wrote:
But other than that, I could not directly find a reason why someone put "Gremlin Graphics" as developer there. "Again Again Software" isn't related to it?

Apparently not. The developers listed above called themselves "Teque Software" (that later became Krisalis! They were kind of big back them!). The original publisher was Again Again, who seems to be a brand of Tiger Developmens (^Again+Again$).

Those guys (Again Again) only made four games. Two of them were released on MSX: Munsters and Gilbert - Escape from Drill. Both were released on MSX by Alternative Software!

Another interesting info: Checking original release ads, we can see that Gremlin and Again Again were in two different cities.

Gremlin is in Sheffield: []-...
Again Again is in West Yorkshire: []

So I´m finding hard to believe that there´s a connection between those two.
Re: "The Munsters" was released by Gremlin?
November 02, 2017 11:57PM
I have changed the developer to Alternative Software, and removed the Gremlin release for which no proof exists.
p.s. Mobygames also lists Alternative Software as the developer.

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Re: "The Munsters" was released by Gremlin?
November 03, 2017 11:10AM
Thank you! :)
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