a few Sharp-Epcom software

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a few Sharp-Epcom software
October 28, 2018 01:56AM

Sorry to do it this way but it´s much easier for me.

Below is a few of the Sharp-Epcom software released on cassete.

Brazilian Sharp was NOT a branch of japanese Sharp! On early 80s it was ILLEGAL for tech companies to register their trademarks themselves on Brazil without a Brazilian partner. A lot of brazilian companies took the chance to register international brands by themselves. So we had Atari Eletrônica (Not related to Atari Inc), Apple (registered by Dismac), Sharp (registered by a prominent enterpreneur called Matias Machline) and so on.

Anyway... Brazilian Sharp released its MSX clone, HotBit, under his branch Epcom (Gradiente, who released its MSX clone Expert using main brand, also released Atari under a branch, Polyvox).

And then Sharp released a series of software. Essencially, they released games on carts and education / business software on tape. Probably carts sounded like videogame and tape sounded like computers?

Games were all pirated. Software, I´m not sure. They are all written in BASIC and the tapes inlay claims "Epcom has licenced this software". But a software teaching spelling grammar on Brazilian Portuguese seems to be an in-house developed program. Not sure about a Memory Game, though.

Anyway... Here´s a few of the Sharp-Epcom games I´ve got on tape, plus link for the pics.

APRENDENDO A LER I (Learning to Read I)
A009 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

APRENDENDO A LER II (Learning to Read II)
A010 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

APRENDENDO A LER IV (Learning to Read IV)
A012 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

CONTROLE DE CONSULTAS (Appointment Control)
A017 - Série Administração (Administration Series)

ENGENHARIA ELÉTRICA (Electrical Engineering)
A020 - Série Engenharia (Engineering Series)

FIGURAS E NÚMEROS (Shapes and Numbers)
A006 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

FRANCÊS FÁCIL (French is Easy)
A008 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

LÓGICA PARA CRIANÇAS - MÓDULO I (Logic for Children - Module I)
A030 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

MATEMÁTICA I (Mathematics I)
A022 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

MEMÓRIA (Memory)
A007 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

A016 - Série Administração (Administration Series)

NÚMEROS E O ALFABETO (Numbers and the Alphabet)
A005 - Série Educação (Educational Series)

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Re: a few Sharp-Epcom software
October 28, 2018 11:31AM
Thanks! I have added the missing entries to the DB.
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