New company: Nemesis

Posted by Lazzeri 
New company: Nemesis
January 20, 2019 03:04AM

Nemesis was one of the many Brazilian companies back in the day who resorted to rampant piracy. I think I´ve already mentioned, piracy was 100% LEGAL back in the day in Brazil. Actually it was illegal for a foreign company to register software here, if you can imagine that. So it was just business as usual.

Nevertheless, Nemesis (and many other Brazilian companies) did managed to develop a pretty impressive number of original software, mostly applications. And Nemesis, wich was based on Rio de Janeiro, was one of the biggest, most succesfull ones.

There´s quite a decent amount of original software developed by Nemesis, some of them were really excellent, like Page Maker. I´ll try to list a few later one, it that´s of any interest. Also, I might list a few software developed by other companies like Paulisoft (the amazing graphical editor Aquarela is of note), Pro-kit (Graphos III was the _standarized_ graphic editor in Brazil for a long time) and many more.

Anyway, I´m pledgeing that Nemesis is added because I´ve managed to grab a original software by them, that I´ll list below. Unfortunately Brazilian original software from BITD is pretty much impossible to find today. :-(

SO... Nemesis Address was Rua Sete de Setembro 92, sala 1203 - Rio de Janeiro.

Company logo is attached. It´s from a magazine scan.
open | download - nemesis.jpg (133.4 KB)
Re: New company: Nemesis
January 20, 2019 12:11PM
Thanks. I have added the company. Because there was already a "Nemesis" company, I added (BR) to the name to differentiate them in lists.
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