Instant konami collection for sale, a big one!!

Posted by onetunafish 
Instant konami collection for sale, a big one!!
April 22, 2011 04:47PM

After three years pursuing a full konami collection for the msx, I'm getting really close to my goal. I started collecting loose cartriges, then I moved on to complete games. In this process I've acquired many duplicates and that is what I'm seeling now.

Pictures of almost everything (there is about 4-5 missing that I'll upload on monday as I don't have access to a decent camera now):


48 games total, everything is tested and working fine.

These are the rules:

- Shipping worldwide from Brazil
- I accept Paypal gift only
- I won't split the lot as I don't have time to manage multiple sales, so it is all or nothing.
- Negotiations in private by email only eduardo(dot)peixoto(at)gmail(dot)com
- I have many references on ebay, and shmup forums, user onetunafish
- Make your offer, I know exactly how much each individual game is worth, but since this is a massive lot I'll offer a significant discount and if your offer is good enough I'll give you free shipping too.

These are the games:

- King Kong 2
- Hinotori
- Goemon
- Antarctic Adventure
- Penguin Adventure
- Vampire Killer
- Mah Jong 2
- Twin Bee
- Konami's ping pong
- Sky Jaguar
- Road Fighter
- Konami's Hyper Rally
- F1 Spirit
- Mopiranger
- King's Valley
- King's Valley 2 (msx 1)
- King's Valley 2 (msx 2)
- Game Master
- Game Master 2
- Konami's Golf
- Hyper Sports 2
- Hyper Sports 3
- Nemesis (Gradius)
- Nemesis 2 (Gradius 2)
- Salamander
- Nemesis 3
- Parodius
- Space Manbow
- Padeiro Maluco (Comic Bakery BR)
- Metal Gear
- Metal Gear 2
- Quarth
- Contra
- Monkey Academy
- Konami's Soccer
- Crazy Train
- Yie ar Kung Fu 2
- Knightmare
- Maze of Galius (Knightmare 2)
- Shalom (Knighmare 3)
- Konami's Baseball
- Pennant Race
- Pennant Race 2
- Q-Bert
- Circus Charlie
- Uranai Sensation (complete)
- Game Collection 1 (manual e disks)
- Game Collection 2 (disk)

Thank you!!

Re: Instant konami collection for sale, a big one!!
April 27, 2011 01:12AM
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