CX5M and old tapes for emulator

Posted by Bastien777 
CX5M and old tapes for emulator
January 23, 2020 10:25AM
First of all, hello and thank you for this forum.

I'm probably not in the right place to ask my question, but I'm trying :-)

I once had a CX5M, which broke down.
I found old cassettes for the YRM501, and I use BlueMSX while waiting to buy a CX5M if I find one not too expensive.
I did not understand how to insert cassettes in this emulator and if someone has already used it, I would accept help.
Thank you in advance.
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Tout d'abord, bonjour et merci pour ce forum.

Je ne suis probablement pas au bon endroit pour poser ma question, mais j'essaye :-)

J'ai eu un CX5M autrefois, qui est tombé en panne.
J'ai retrouvé de vieilles cassettes pour le YRM501, et j'utilise BlueMSX en attendant de racheter un CX5M si j'en retrouve un pas trop cher.
Je n'ai pas compris comment insérer des cassettes dans cet emulateur et si quelqu'un s'en est déjà servi, j'accepterais de l'aide.
Merci d'avance.
Re: CX5M and old tapes for emulator
January 23, 2020 04:58PM
Your more likely to get assistance with this on

Also, blueMSX has not been updated for a very long time. It is basically no longer maintained. I would recommend using the latest openMSX instead.
The main thing to note about openMSX is that unlike blueMSX it does not ship with the copyrighted MSX ROMs. So you are responsible for finding those and putting them in the right directory. But since you have blueMSX installed you have most ROMs you will probably need already (although some additional systems have in the meantime been emulated which blueMSX never supported).

But in general, you first want to record the tapes to something like .WAV files (not a lossy format like MP3!). Once you have a .WAV file you can optionally convert it to a .CAS file which are better suited for emulators. But an emulator like openMSX can read either .WAV or .CAS.
Re: CX5M and old tapes for emulator
January 27, 2020 01:32AM
Thank you for you reply, I'll try OpenMsx. :-)
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