NEMESIS 2 op flop

Posted by kees7 
NEMESIS 2 op flop
June 14, 2017 06:00PM

Ik vraag mij af of het mogelijk is om nemesis 2 en salamander te spelen op een standaard nms 8250, dus zonder extra geheugen. Hiertoe heb ik tegenstrijdige dingen gelezen. In ieder geval heb ik nemesis wel op flop die ik kan spelen en dat is ook een megarom, dus waarom lukt het niet met nemesis2?

Alvast bedankt.

Re: NEMESIS 2 op flop
June 15, 2017 09:48AM
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As to your question, Konami originally released their games on Cartridge. But in 1988/89 Konami released some of the older games on disk, under the Konami Game Collection title.
The Nemesis version you have is probably from this collection. Nemesis 2 and Salamander never got released on disk. Another possibility is that what you have is a hacked Brazilian edition of the game, which they "ported" to disk.

Now Nemesis, Nemesis2 and Salamander are all MegaROM (128kB) games, so how come you can run Nemesis on a 64kB machine from disk? I did not look into it, but my guess is that it needs to load stages from disk, as required, to make it fit. Instead of loading the whole game into memory, as is typical for copied ROM games, which would require >128kB RAM in this case. This is how the hacked Brazilian edition worked, but that edition is supposedly pretty buggy and crashes before you can reach the end of the game.
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