Who knows of a good debugger for MSX?

Posted by MsXgAmEs 
Who knows of a good debugger for MSX?
December 13, 2001 05:45PM
I have 3 questions in total and I hope that there is someone who can answer them.

1. I am writing a debugger for the MSX under windows (until so far, I finished the disassembler). To finish the total project, I need a good debugger for the MSX (so I can get the info from a real MSX 2 and not from e.g. an emulator). I looked around on the web and found some stuff already. Although this was not quite as good as I expected. Does anyone know of a really good debugger? Could anyone tell me were to find it on the net or send it to me?

2. When I load a game in a MSX from a floppy. How does the MSX know where to put the file in the memory. Is there a specific header in each binary file? I know how that was implemented on the old tapes, but I never owned a diskdrive (until recently).

3. I am also looking for good documentation on the memory system of a MSX. I am a little bit confused by the use of banks. Does anyone have a good document regarding this subject?

Re: Who knows of a good debugger for MSX?
December 13, 2001 06:24PM
1. I only know one debugger for msx (with breakpoints etc) called MSXDEBUG.

2. The bsave'd file header format is 7 bytes: db $FE, dw $START dw $END dw $EXEC

3. I suggest you have a look at the FAQ, there are good references to documentation. (e.g. the MSX RED BOOK) []

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