Game ROM Type List

Posted by Diego Tenreiro 
Game ROM Type List
December 21, 2001 12:06PM

I have checked a lot of games and have a good list of the ROM type they use. Your list is a little short. Do you want me to send my list?

Re: Game ROM Type List
December 21, 2001 12:11PM
Yes please send the list :)


Re: Game ROM Type List
December 21, 2001 12:46PM
You´ll have it in two days. Bye!
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 29, 2001 12:45AM
Hmm, how long is 2 days :)
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 29, 2001 06:49PM
Yes, yes! You are right, I´m a little lazy. But I´ve had problems with Access too. By Monday you will have it, sure.

By the way, I have tried RuMSX the last days and, to be frankly, this emulator recognize almost 100% of the games, selecting the type of ROM that works better, so...

Another question. I think it would be nice to make a list of the games that currently work with NLMSX. There are currently a lot of games that don´t work or work with flaws.

That´s all. bye!
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 29, 2001 07:08PM
There is another question too. A lot of games we found in Internet have a wrong "rom" type. For example, I have a copy of HERO (Pony Canyon 1985) that only works with konami 5 SCC, wich is a little rare. It would be useful to know the type of ROM that the game really works with. (oopps, I think I need to learn more English), because my copy may work with konami 5 SCC and another copy work with ASCII 8K, for example.
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 29, 2001 07:53PM
Hmm, can you post a list of games which doesn't work with NLMSX in the NLMSX forum ? Because I haven't found any game yet which doesn't work with NLMSX :)

Re: Game ROM Type List
December 29, 2001 07:58PM
Well It's hard to find original rom dumps. And i don't know if it's easy to modify ROMS, so they work with an other ROM type. Maybe we should start a new treath 'How to modify the ROM type' ?

Re: Game ROM Type List
December 29, 2001 08:02PM
I´ll make the list, then, but you should try "vestrom", a dsk game which I have posted in the NLMSX phorum as a jpg image... and try not to die.
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 29, 2001 08:11PM
Or, perhaps you whish to try Golvellius 2...
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 30, 2001 07:03PM
This is a brief list of games, with their rom type. I´m making a bigger one with Access, but it will not be by Monday, so...

Aliens 2 (1987)(Activision & Square)(ASCII16K)
Banana (1984)(Ascii Corp)(konami4noSCC)
Black Onyx, The (1984-85)(B.P.S.-Ascii Corp)(konami5SCC)
Castle Excellent (1985-86)(Ascii Corp)(ASCII8K)
Commando (1987)(ASCII & Capcom)(ASCII8K)
Famicle Parodic (1988)(Bit2)(Jp)(konami4noSCC)
(IA-8801) Aleste (1988)(Compile)(konami4noSCC)
Final Justice (1985)(Compile & Pony Canyon)(konami4noSCC)
Golvellius (1987)(Compile)(konami4noSCC)
Guardic (1986)(Compile)(konami4noSCC)
Jagur (1987)(Hudson Soft-Compile)(konami4noSCC)
Megalopolis SOS (1986)(konami4noSCC)
Zanac a.i. - Second Version (1986-87)(Pony Inc.)(konami4noSCC)
Zanac a.i. (1986)(Compile & Pony Inc.)(R49)(konami4noSCC)
Zanac-Ex (1986)(Compile & Pony Canyon)(R58)[ASCII16K]
Volguard (1985)(dB-SOFT)(ASCII8K)
Animal Land Murder (1987)(Enix)(E-G192)(konami5SCC)
Dragon Quest (1986)(Enix)(E-G184)(MSX2)(ASCII8K)
Dragon Quest (1986)(Enix)(E-G186)(konami4noSCC)
Dragon Quest (1986)(Enix)(E-G186)(konami4noSCC)
Dragon Quest II (1987)(Enix)(MSX2)(ASCII8K)
Balance (1984)(Hal)(konami4noSCC)
Butamaru Pants (1983)(Hal)(konami4noSCC)
Konami´s Synthesizer (ASCII 16K)
Sparkie (Konami)(Normal Rom)
Bosconian (1981-84)(ASCII8K)
Dig Dug (1982-84)(Konami4noSCC)
Dragon Buster (1987)(konami4noSCC)
Galaga (1981-84)(ASCII8K)
Galaxian (1979-84)(ASCII8K)
Mappy (1983-84)(ASCII8K)
Mini Golf (1985)(ASCII8K)
Pac-Man (1980-84)(konami4noSCC)
Rally X (1980-84)(ASCII8K)
Return Of Ishtar, The(1988)(ASCII16K)
Tank Batallion (1980-84)(ASCII8K)
Tower Of Druaga, The (1984-86)(ASCII8K)
Warp & Warp (1980-84)(ASCII16K)
Xevious (1988)(ASCII16K)
Dragon Slayer 4 - Drasle Family (MSX1)(1987)(Falcom)(ASCII8K)
Dragon Slayer 4 - Drasle Family (MSX2)(1987)(Falcom)(ASCII8K)
(R48) Hero (1985)(Activision & Pony Canyon)(konami5SCC)
(R58) Artic (1990)(Pony Canyon)(ASCII16K)
(R68) Fantasy Zone II - The Tears Of Opa-Opa (199x)(Sega & Pony Canyon)(ASCII16K)
(R75) Heroes of the Lance (1991)(TSR-SSI & Pony Canyon)(ASCII8K)
Alpha Roid (19xx)(Pony)(ASCII8K)
Back To The Future (1985)(Pony Inc.)(ASCII8K)
Fantasy Zone (1986)(Sega & Pony Canyon)(ASCII8K)
Final Justice (1985)(Compile & Pony Canyon)(konami4noSCC)
Malaya Treasure (1988)(Pony Canyon)(ASCII16K)
Star Virgin (19xx)(Pony Canyon)(ASCII8K)
E I -Exa Innova ()(Programmers)(ASCII8K)
Arkanoid II - Revenge of DOH (1989)(Taito)(Konami4noSCC)
Arkanoid (1986)(Taito)(ASCII8K)
Boggy '84 (1984)(Colpax)(Konami4SCC)
Bubble Bobble (1987)(Taito)(ASCII8K)
Choro Q (1987)(Taito)(Jp)[a](Konami4SCC)
Elevator Action (1985)(Taito)(ASCII8K)
Fairy Land Story, The (1987)(Taito)(Konami4SCC)
Gyrodine (1986)(Taito)(ASCII8K)
Legend of Kage, The (1986)(Taito)(ASCII8K)
Rastan Saga (1988)(Taito)(ASCII8K)
Scramble Formation (1987)(Taito)(ASCII8K)
Albatros (1986)(Telenet)(ASCII8K)
American Truck (1986)(Telenet Japan)(ASCII8K)
Andorogynus (1988)(Telenet)(ASCII16K)
Godzilla (1985)(Toho Cinefile-Soft Library)(ASCII8K)
Gall Force - Defence of Chaos (1986)(Sony & Hal Lab.)(ASCII16K)
Castle, The (1985-86)(Ascii Corporation)(konami5SCC)
Fruit Search (1983)(Takara-Hal)(ASCII8K)
Fire Rescue (1984)(Hudson Soft)(konami4noSCC)
Formation Z (1985)(Jaleco)(ASCII8K)
Family Billiards (1989)(Pack In Video & Klon)(ASCII8K)
Fruit Panic (1984)(Pony Inc.)(ASCII8K)
Flicky (1985)(Sega & Mi-cro-net)(ASCII8K)
Aramo (1985)(Sein Soft)(ASCII8K)
Flight Simulator (1986)(Sublogic)(konami4noSCC)
Ashguine 2 (1987)(T&ESoft)(konami4noSCC)
Castle of Zariostro, The (1987)(Toho Cinefile - Soft Library)(ASCII8K)
F1 Spirit - The Way To Formula 1 (1987)(Zemina)(konami5SCC)
Family Billiards (1989)(Zemina Soft.)(konami4noSCC)
Firebird (1987)(Zemina)(Jp)[a2](RC-747)(konami4noSCC)
Flash Point (19xx)(Zemina)(konami5SCC)
Gulkave (1986)(Sega)(ASCII8K)
Gun Fright (1986)(ACG)(ASCII8K)
Gun Fright (1986)(Sammi)(ASCII8K)
Garyuo King (1987)(Xain Soft.)(ASCII8K)
Grog's Revenge (1985)(Comptiq)(ASCII8K)
Green Beret (1987)(Zemina)(konami5SCC)
Go Othello (19xx)(-)(konami5SCC)
Girly Block (1990)(The Links)(ASCII16K)
Hades (1986)(Casio)(konami4noSCC)
Hang-On (1985)(Sega)(ASCII16K)
Happy Fret (1985)(Micro Cabin)(ASCII8K)
Hard Ball (1985)(Accolade)(ASCII8K)
Haunted Boynight (1986)(Casio)(konami5SCC)
Heaven (1988)(Zemina)(konami4noSCC)
Heavy Boxing (1983)(Takara-Hal)(konami5SCC)
Helitank (1983)(Nabu Network Corp & ASCII)(konami5SCC)
Higemaru (1987)(Capcom)(ASCII16K)
Hole In One Professional (1986)(Hal Labaratory)(konami5SCC)
Honkball (1984)(Hudson Soft)(konami5SCC)
Hydlide II - Shine of Darkness (1985)(T&E Soft)(ASCII16K)
Hydlide III - The Space Memories (1987)(T&E Soft)(ASCII8K)
Ilchon (1987)(Angel)(konami4noSCC).rom
In The World Of Relics (1989)(Bothtec)(konami4noSCC)
Indian No Bouken (1983)(Hudson Soft)(konami5SCC)
Injag (1986)(Prosoft)(konami5SCC).rom
Inspecteur Z (1986)(Hal Labaratory)(konami5SCC)
J.P. Winkle (1985)(Msx Magazine Soft)(konami5SCC)
Jackie Chan in 'The Police Story' (1985)(Pony Inc.)(konami5SCC)
Jackie Chan in 'The Protector' (1985)(Pony Inc.)(konami5SCC)
Kaleidoscope Special (1987)(Sammi)(ASCII8K)
Kendo (1986)(Sega)(konami5SCC)
Kick It (1986)(Aackosoft)(konami5SCC)
Karuizaw (1985)(Enix)(ASCII8K)
King's Knight (1986)(Square)(konami5SCC)
Knight Mare II - The Maze of Galious (1987)(Zemina)(konami4noSCC)
Kimpo (1984)(Boram By Klaus)(konami5SCC)
Kempelen Chess (1988)(Andromeda Software & Pony Canyon)(ASCII16K)
Kinasai (1984)(-)(konami5SCC)
Konami's Tennis (1984)(Prosoft)(konami4noSCC)
Kaleidoscope Special (1987)(Edgard)(ASCII8K)
Kaleidoscope Special (1987)(Hot B)(ASCII8K)
Macross (1986)(Bothtec)(konami5SCC)
Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund Software)(konami5SCC)
Lode Runner II (1983)(Broderbund Software)(konami5SCC)
Legendly Knight (1988)(Topia)[ASCII8K)
Comecocos (19xx)(Idealogic)(konami4noSCC)
Le Mans II (1985)(Electric Software Ltd.)(konami5SCC)
Leonard (1986)(Mindgames)(konami5SCC)
Lick & Mick - Kumdan-F (19xx)(Humming Bird Soft)(konami4noSCC)
Magical Kid Wiz (1986)(Sony Corp)(konami5SCC)
Magnum Prohibition 1931 (1988)(Toshiba)(ASCII16K)
Mad Rider (1987)(Carry Lab)(ASCII8K)
Maison Ikkoku (1987)(Micro Cabin)(konami4noSCC)
Laptick II - A Flashcrack(1985)(dB-SOFT)(konami5SCC)
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 30, 2001 07:05PM
and here is a brief list of games that I can´t run with NLMSX. This only happens with .rom format; the .dsk format of the game runs perfectly always (almost)

Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (1985)(Activision Inc)
Bokosuka Wars (1984)(Ascii Corp)
Cosmo (1984)(Nexa-Ascii Corp)
Crazy Bullet (1983)(Ascii Corp)
F-16 Fighting Falcon (1984)(ASCII &Nexa)
Flipper Slipper (1983)(Spectravideo & ASCII)
Ghostflisters-Ghost Flipper (1984)(Ascii Corp)
Crusader (1986)(Pony)
Clapton 2 (1984)(T&E Soft)
Frontline (1984)(Taito)
Sweet Acorn (1984)(Taito)
Glider (1984)(Sony-Zap)
Gostop Godori (1984)(Ramsoft)
Heist, The (1985)(Comptiq)
High Way Star (1983)(Way Limit)
Hole In One (1984)(Hal)
Hype (1987)(Bytebusters)
Ice World (1985)(Casio)
Ikari Warriors (1987)(Snk)
Jump Coaster (1984)(Colpax)
Jump Land (1985)(Colpax)
Juno First (1983)(Konami)
Kung-fu Master (1983)(Mass Tael)
Ikari Warriors (1987)(Snk)
Labyrint, The (1987)(Pack-In-Video Co)
Family Boxing (1988)(Namco Woodplace-Sony)
Re: Game ROM Type List
December 30, 2001 07:17PM
Note: I have not included Konami games in the list of rom types, because I think it´s easy to select the option (only Syntheziser and Sparkie have "rare" ROMS)

Note 2: I don´t know if this will be very useful, because I have games that work with diferent types or ROM, depending of the copy...
Re: Game ROM Type List
May 22, 2004 11:07AM
thank you
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