Posted by Bolleka 
November 01, 2004 05:48PM
Why don't you add up a new section that talks about the game developers history? Like for example Konami when was it founded and for example the first game that was developed by Namco, and when did some of the companies defunct, or bankrupt, etc... Also it is good to introduce the best game made by those companies for msx. Also it is nice to include what happened to these companies after they stopped producing for msx, for example konami has developed metal gear for playstation, and capcom has developed megaman for different consules, etc...

One more thing. When will we might able to see the screenshots of the spanish games in your website, and when will the Spanish list of games will be 100% complete?

Thank you.
Re: Suggestions
November 02, 2004 09:45PM

Well, that's a nice Idea, I will open the forum later this week (or maybe tonight after working).

About the screenshots for the spanish games, you can also upload them :)) or other people who own those games. I do have most of the games, but no time yet to create all screenshots and uploaded them.

And when it will be 100%, i don't know, that depends on the spanish visitors, I don't know all games that are released in spain.
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