Polar Star from disk

Posted by physcopanda 
Polar Star from disk
March 14, 2014 10:27AM
Hi there - I used to own this game on cassette and loved it as its such a pure space shooter.

I recently tried the dsk version and couldn't get it to work on any emulator. It just keeps resetting all the time. I could however make the cassette image load without problem. This was annoying as android MSX emulators don't seem to support CAS images. So ... I tried using DSKExplorer and copying the files out the cassette onto a blank DSK and recoding the basic loaders a little to use the disk instead. What happened ... it didn't work! looks like Polar Star I *think* uses a clear command that may clear the disk I/O kernel functions so loading of cassette would be fine but not from disk. Then ... I came across dsk2rom and that got me thinking - I bet a romed dsk wouldn't use the real kernel disk IO so maybe just maybe my defective hacked dsk would work once it was converted ... guess what ... it did :-) Polar Star as a ROM at last!

It'd be nice to be able to share this rom but I'm not sure what the correct etiquette is - I've tried contacting MicroCabin before and never had any joy so I can't really ask for permission to do so, but it'd be nice for more people to play a good ol classic
Re: Polar Star from disk
March 15, 2014 09:24AM
At least openMSX for Android supports cassette images by the way... But make sure to install a real BIOS first (C-BIOS does not support cassettes).

I don't think there's a legal way to share games converted to ROM, sorry.

Grtjs, Manuel

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