Dark Mode and search by description/tags [suggestions]

Posted by david.lynch 
Dark Mode and search by description/tags [suggestions]
March 08, 2019 07:13PM
Hi everyone,

We have two suggestions:

1. Dark mode: available today on YouTube, Reddit and many others, visual comfort at its best.

2. Search by description and tags: sometimes we would like to search for a title by description/tags, which maybe could be news fields on software entries.
Simple example of description: a bee collecting fruits must avoid spiders. Tags: bee, spider, etc.

Thank you for keeping running in top shape!
Re: Dark Mode and search by description/tags [suggestions]
April 19, 2019 11:04PM

1) if there is a designer who can help designing a new top logo, I could create a back variant of this site. The current logo is designed for a white background and removing the white isn't a real option.
2) Generation MSX doesn't have much news, the news items on the homepage are from other pages. So we don't have tags, also not much descriptions.


Re: Dark Mode and search by description/tags [suggestions]
April 20, 2019 11:42PM
I think he didn't mean 'news', but 'new'. So, he's suggesting to add keywords to an entry so that it can be searched on. Or at least a way to search on any content of any field.

Grtjs, Manuel

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