Bridge / Kuma Computers
December 16, 2013 12:16AM
I made a cas file of the game "Bridge" by Kuma Computers since I couldn't find it anywhere on the web. Since even your database has no screenshots for this game I assumed there is no ROM/CAS image of this game anywhere yet so I had to create it myself from my original tape. Originally I did it to make screenshots for a different database project (, but I think you and the MSX community might want it as well, so I will gladly share it with you. I also made HQ scans of everything else (tape, cover and instructions). The cas image worked for me in OpenMSX, so I think it is not corrupt or something like that, but I am not very experienced in creating tape images, so I hope it works out for everyone else as well.
open | download - (1.59 MB)
open | download - (742.1 KB)
Re: Bridge / Kuma Computers
December 21, 2013 08:30PM
I have already dumped it years ago, it could be interesting to compare dumps:
Re: Bridge / Kuma Computers
December 21, 2013 08:47PM
Entry updated, thankyou!
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