Attention please with MSXIt

Posted by nrgo 
Attention please with MSXIt
November 15, 2016 11:08PM
I see many entries of ( [] ) has been entered on Generation-MSX.
Please do not do it, since you don't know exactely if they are releases or orginal software.

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Re: Attention please with MSXIt
November 17, 2016 03:30PM

I have been going through the list of Philips hard and soft-ware on the website of Bas and yours. I tried to cross reference what I could and sync it with Gen-msx.
In fact, on a couple of points either the list of Bas or yours disagreed with each other, or with what we already had on the website. I tried to find photographic evidence where I could. If there is something specific, please don't hesitate to point it out!
But especially from Italy there seems to be very little online. Where the auction sites of Spain are full of MSX stuff, those from Italy are almost barren (unless I'm looking in the wrong places...).
Also, if you could help with some more details that would be great. I'm looking for either photos of the boxes and media, or screenshots of the software for which we are missing them.
Re: Attention please with MSXIt
November 21, 2016 07:06PM
Your work is good! My post was only a warning.
Very soon all software will be available with complete informations: in January I'll have some time to put the new website online.
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