developers of Grog´s Revenge ?

Posted by adareed 
developers of Grog´s Revenge ?
May 01, 2018 12:32PM
I watched again Grog´s Revenge and there is marked Sierra-On-Line as developer.

But as Sierra-On-Line is American company, I think it cannot be developer of MSX version. (of course I don´t have any real facts, which says it cannot be)

Sierra-On-Line of course made original American version(s).

Hopefully someone can tell something about this someday.

Ref: Academic Writing

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Re: developers of Grog´s Revenge ?
May 02, 2018 09:33AM
The game was developed by "Sydney development Corp." and ported to various platforms.

Sierra is listed as the publisher, and then you have companies like US Gold, Eaglesoft, Erbe or Comptiq as distributors.
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