Mastertronic games
September 16, 2018 01:27AM

I think a few games that currently are listed as having a Mastertronic release must have it removed.

Here´s the games and supporting evidence:

- Las Vegas Video Poker (

Entertainment USA is a brand owned by Mastertronic. Game was only released under Entertainment USA label both in C64 and Spectrum format, and not released under Mastertronic label. C64 cover even states "Entertainment USA From Mastertronic".

Spectrum: []
C64 cover: []

- Brian Jack´s Superstar Challenge (

Ricochet is a budget label by Mastertronic. Game was released only by Ricochet and not by Mastertronic on Spectrum.

Spectrum: []

- Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (

Same as above, a Ricochet game.

Spectrum: []

- Ocean Conqueror (

Game released by Rack-it on both Spectrum and MSX. There is no Mastertronic release on Spectrum. Seems unlikely a MSX release since it was not Mastertronic primary platform.

Spectrum: []
Re: Mastertronic games
September 16, 2018 02:09PM

I had suspected it already once that those released-by Mastertronic releases did not actually exist. Not completely sure how they ended up in the DB. Probably were created with the assumption that since those games were by mastertronic that they would also have released them under their own brand.
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